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Fuel Up: Ways The Quality Companies Can Support Your Tallahassee Employee Wellness Journey

With the summer here, The Quality Companies is focused on wellness. We have a lot to offer your employees in the break room that can help them meet and even beat health and wellness goals. Keep reading for the products and services you can add to energize your team in all the right ways.

Wellness Driving Foods

Fresh food is a wellness must. We can make it happen in your break room with a Tallahassee micro market. The cooler has lots of room for top-quality foods made fresh. Your staff will be able to grab a salad, veggie-filled wrap, seasonal fruit, and more. It’s a great way to get whole foods at lunch or for a snack.

Make the healthy items even more desirable with a subsidy. Pay to make the good-for-you options the cheaper ones. Employees will love it and be more likely to choose what’s nutritious. Or, push the benefit even more with office pantry service where all the snacks and food are free.

Micro markets aren’t the only way to bring in healthy food. Vending machines can be stocked with nutritious snacks too. Jerky, keto-friendly, and even vegan treats are popular in Tallahassee vending service. Plus they are great for supporting well-being.

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Drinks to Support Health

It’s summer and with the heat, employees are at greater risk for dehydration. That’s why we offer a wide range of cold beverages perfect for replenishing the body. Check the Tallahassee micro market for sports drinks, vitamin waters, fruit juices, bottled water, sparkling water, and milk options that replace electrolytes. Fortunately, many of these drink options can also be in cold beverage vending machines. Ask us about what’s right for your location.

How is your office water? Why do we ask? It’s because water is one of the healthiest drinks on earth. It’s all natural with no calories and boosts many bodily functions. That includes mood. So get your staff hyped to drink more water with a water filtration service from The Quality Companies. It will remove unpleasant-tasting chemicals and particles that are dissolved in your water. What comes out of the tap, hot or cold, is delicious, pure-tasting water. This is perfect for office coffee service users too. Use filtered water in coffee brewers for a truer flavor to gourmet blends.

Wellness Partners in the Break Room

Take the hard work out of supporting employee well-being with The Quality Companies. We have a mix of snacks, food, and drinks that will please your staff. This lets them choose healthier options while they work, which is a bonus for retention and productivity.

Get in touch with The Quality Companies today for more information on our wellness programs. From fresh food markets to water filtering systems, we can make the break room a wellness perk. Call 850-576-4880 now to learn more.

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How To Use Your Tallahassee Break Room to Support Employee Goals

Creating an employee-centric workplace can help support retention and recruitment. One way to improve workplace culture is through your Tallahassee break room. Building a fantastic break room gives employees a place to relax and recharge. Ultimately, that means happier, more productive employees.

Here are some tips for building a break room that supports employees.

Support Healthy Eating with Meal Options

Most Americans don’t plan ahead for lunch. That includes your team. By offering meals in the break room, you ensure your employees can have a satisfying lunch. You can also support healthy eating, which is a goal for many of today’s employees.

There are many ways to offer healthy meal options in the break room. One excellent option is a micro-market. Our Tallahassee micro-markets bring fresh foods to the break room. Employees can choose from sandwiches, salads, wraps, full meals, and more. The healthy lunch possibilities are endless in a micro-market!

With meal options onsite, employees don’t have to rush through lunch. With more time to eat and digest, you can reduce your team’s stress levels. This supports your employees’ mental and physical health.

Offer a Variety of Snacks and Cold Drinks

In addition to meals, don’t forget the refreshments that keep staff going during work. Today, many employees enjoy eating snacks or mini meals throughout the day. With our Tallahassee vending machines, it’s easy to offer your team’s favorite snacks and beverages in the break room. Vending machines are quick and convenient.

Our service is completely customizable. In other words, we’ll build your product menu to match your team’s preferences. Enjoy top-selling snacks and a wide variety of flavors. We can even prioritize healthy options and meet a variety of dietary needs. Offer employees popcorn, nuts, and whole grain options.

Keep your team hydrated with a variety of popular beverages or drinks. Our Tallahassee beverage vending machines keep drinks nice and cold. Grab a brand-name drink or a favorite locally-produced beverage.

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Support Professional Development by Turning Your Tallahassee Break Room into a Learning Hub

Do more in your Tallahassee break room. Create a culture of learning by holding trainings and seminars in your workplace. In this way, you can support your team’s learning goals. Be sure to include a variety of different topics that may interest staff. Meetings like this bring people together. Plus, trainings can also give employees valuable tools to improve job performance.

Don’t forget to include a gourmet office coffee service. Coffee will keep your team energized while learning. A Tallahassee office coffee service can also boost morale. Your employees will love drinking a latte or cappuccino at some point during the day.

The Quality Companies is Here to Help You Support Your Team

Support your Tallahassee employees with a better break room. At The Quality Companies, we’re here to help you achieve your break room goals. We offer many different break room services to meet your workplace needs. Let us know how we can help! As a leader in Tallahassee vending and break room services, we have the experience and expertise to provide the best break room upgrade.

Get in touch with The Quality Companies at 850-576-4880 to discuss your break room needs. We look forward to working with you!

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Support Tallahassee Employee Wellness with Healthy Break Room Services

Employee wellness is important, especially in winter. That’s because employees are more prone to colds and the flu. Additionally, corporate wellness supports your staff’s New Year’s resolutions. Do your employees want to lose weight? Do they want to eat better? If so, workplace wellness programs can help employees reach their goals.

Need help promoting employee wellness? Look no further than The Quality Companies’s Tallahassee break room services. Please keep reading to learn how our solutions help boost your team’s health and well-being.

Offer Fresh Foods

Remember the saying, “You are what you eat?” This is true for fresh foods. Offering delicious and nutritious meals can help employees feel their best. The Quality Companies’s micro-markets are the perfect solution. Stock your Tallahassee micro-market with fresh food. For instance, get salads, soups, sandwiches, and wraps. This allows employees to make better-for-you choices. They’ll also save money. Skip the drive to the store and buy quality food on-site.

Additionally, offering healthy foods supports employees’ mental well-being. By staying on-site, they’ll have more time to spend with coworkers. Employees can take lunch breaks and better connect. This makes them feel like a team.

Healthy Beverages Support Employee Wellness

Hydration is the key to healthy employees. Drinking fluids, like water, helps the body function better. It can also prevent infections and increase focus. Employees will feel and work at their best.

It’s best to offer a mix of healthy drinks. This makes it easy for employees to stay hydrated. Our Tallahassee vending machines have plenty of options. For example, we have bottled water, vitamin water, and natural fruit juices. We may also carry probiotic drinks and kombucha to further customize your vending options.

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Great Tasting Water and Hot Tea

Fresh water shows you care. Add a Tallahassee water filtration service to your break room. Our filters make water taste great. That’s because they remove chemical smells and tastes. Employees will get delicious water on demand. Our water filters fit anywhere. We have floor and countertop models. They also have hot and cold taps. Thus, employees can enjoy crisp, refreshing water. Or, they can use it to make their coffee or hot tea. This lets the rich flavors shine through.

Furthermore, water filtration systems promote water cooler talk. Coworkers can connect while filling up their cups or bottles. This improves employee engagement.

Add a Hot Tea Bar

Lastly, try a hot tea bar. This pairs perfectly with filtered water. It’s also great for non-coffee drinkers. Tea can be very healthy. Many varieties support immunity, which helps employees beat winter coughs and colds. Therefore, they’ll take fewer sick days and your business benefits!

Our tea is part of our Tallahassee office coffee service. Don’t forget to ask us about our healthy creamers!

The Quality Companies Helps Businesses Support Employee Wellness

We can help your staff feel their best. That’s because our break room solutions support workplace wellness. We offer fresh foods, healthy vending, hot tea, and water filtration services.

Contact The Quality Companies today at 850-576-4880 to learn more. We’re excited to hear from you!