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When you partner with The Quality Companies, your break room will be equipped with the best vending machines in the Bristol area! Our Bristol vending machines offer exceptional service and fully customized programs. A wide variety of snacks and popular brands will satisfy your employees’ cravings right in the break room. We commit to reliable restocking and maintenance to keep your vending equipment running smoothly. With modern technology, our Bristol vending machines feature remote monitoring and mobile payment!

Quality office coffee service and water filtration in Bristol

With our next-level Bristol office coffee service, your break room will be stocked with a generous selection of coffee brands that everybody loves! From high-end brewers for specialty drinks to traditional brewers that support high-volume drinkers, we have all of the latest coffee brewing equipment. Our office coffee service offers a gourmet coffee solution that will energize and satisfy your Bristol employees!

Our Bristol water filtration service will give your office access to cold, purified water all day long! With our Bevi Smart Water Cooler, your employees can choose between carbonated or flat water, with the option to add a variety of flavors.

vending service and micro-markets in Bristol

Self-serving micro-markets in Bristol

At The Quality Companies, our Bristol micro-markets offer an upgraded and innovative vending experience! Our micro-markets are designed to operate as a 24-hour mini convenience store right in your Bristol break room. With hundreds of premium snack, beverage, and meal options, we have everything your employees desire and more. Equipped with self-serving kiosks, our Bristol micro-markets are easily accessible. With up-to-date technology, our self-serve kiosks support easy mobile transactions and reduce any unnecessary contact!

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