A next level break room for your North Florida workplace

A custom micro-market from Quality Snacks & Vending will immediately enhance your employees break room experience.

Micro-market benefits in Tallahassee and North Florida

Advanced Technology

Quality Snacks & Vending micro-markets are equipped with user friendly kiosks, advanced payment options, remote monitoring & so much more!

Healthy Choices Technology

Our ingredients are fresh and FDA approved. Your employees will know exactly what they’re doing and feel good about it, too!

Employee Benefit

Offer incentives to your employees with a custom micro-market from Quality Snacks & Vending. You can even choose to fully or partially cover the cost of items for an added benefit!

Tallahassee and North Florida micro-market benefits

Add a custom micro-market to your break room today! Call us at 850-576-4880 or reception@thequalitycompanies.com.

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